SoulCollage® Together ONLINE

Art can be used to soothe and heal - Join us every FRIDAY at 4 PM

SoulCollage® Together Online

The difficulties and stress we have been experiencing this past year have taken a toll on us all. This year is one for the record books! Many of us were already struggling to cultivate self-care, make time for self-reflection, process life's changes and transitions, feel more connected to one's self and others,  even BEFORE the onset of pandemic.

AND even with the heightening of these experiences as a result of our living through the era  of COVID, we can still take powerful steps towards self-comfort and healing.

Through SoulCollage® you will:

  • Cultivate a mindfulness practice that utilizes art, imagination and intuition
  • Reflect, create and connect with others in a meaningful way
  • Authentically express different parts of yourself and clarify your needs, desires, values and strengths
  • Nurture your personal, professional and spiritual growth, while relaxing and comforting yourself

WHAT is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a creative art process that is both powerful and fun! Using images from magazines, you will create small collages that form a visual journal, each card representing a different aspect of yourself. No art experience is necessary!


We've been collaging online together since March 2020 as a way to cope with the stress of the pandemic. Join us as we  listen to the Beatles and work virtually along side each other discovering ourselves and each other through images and glue.

Each group has a loose theme, which is communicated  prior so participants can prepare the materials they wish to use. Each participant will have to supply themselves with their own collage materials - pictures, cutting tools and a backing - some of which are available on Amazon or can be made from reused materials like cereal box cardboard, etc...(Please speak with the facilitator if you have questions  or need guidance around collecting and buying materials for SoulCollage®)

SoulCollage® Together Online is a process oriented group. It is not necessary to finish your card during our card-making session. The focus of this group is on the actual PROCESS of card-making and doing so in the community of others.

This group is facilitated by Robin Friedman, LCSW-R,  a Certified Gestalt Therapist and a Certified SoulCollage® Facilitator. Currently, Robin maintains a private practice in NYC and White Plains where she works with individuals overcoming grief and traumatic loss. She particularly loves to facilitate SoulCollage® as it combines her appreciation for creative expression with her commitment to helping others cultivate their mindfulness skills. Robin believes that SoulCollage® is a unique and powerful way to find internal wisdom and cultivate inner relationships with one's self. 


ZOOM - a registration link will be sent to you prior to the group  session. Once you complete registration on zoom, you will receive the group's access information and an access link will be sent to you. 


Every Friday from 4 PM to 5:15 PM.


SoulCollage® is a powerful tool. It is an unusual form of mindfulness practice as it engages your imagination and creative processes while deepening your relationship with yourself.


Our groups are held weekly and are "drop-in" style.The suggested rate for SoulCollage® Together Online is $25 per session . A sliding scale rate of $15 is available for those who have been impacted financially by the pandemic. We also offer a 5 session group card available for $100. That can be used in any of of our SoulCollage Together Groups throughout the 2020-2021 year (September-July). 


Registration is required. Please complete the form below.


  • You can pay via Zelle or Quick Pay using as the recipient email (PLEASE enter "SoulCollage® Together" and the Group Date in the memo area).
  • You can also pay via Credit Card by following the buttons to the Credit Card Payment Page once you have completed the registration form. Please know that paying by Credit Card will now include a 3% additional convenience charge.

Here’s what people are saying about SoulCollage®:

“Warning! – Once you start creating your SoulCollage® deck, it will be very hard to stop.”

“Creating my SoulCollage® deck has been so nourishing and satisfying. This process has allowed me to appreciate parts of myself and my life that I wasn’t fully aware of.”

“Making cards alongside a group of like-minded people has given me a chance to be seen and heard in a new way and be present for other peoples’ journeys towards self-discovery.”

“It’s hard to find the words to describe SoulCollage®. You just have to do it!”

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